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Missing a tooth can affect the self-esteem and social well-being of patients, especially if that tooth is in the front of the mouth where it impacts the aesthetics of the smile.

Up to 20% of the population is missing one or more adult 

teeth because it never developed! 

We call these congenitally missing teeth. Most of the time these are the wisdom teeth, but approximately 1% of the population has a different tooth missing. 

Sometimes, the adult lateral incisor—the teeth on either side of your two front teeth—is one of these congenitally missing teeth. It is one of the most common dental anomalies that orthodontists see.

The cause of congenitally missing teeth is normally genetic but other factors can play a role. A person with a missing tooth is likely to have a parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, or aunt/uncle also missing the same tooth or other teeth. 

People with one missing adult lateral incisor are also often seen to have a missing, smaller or malformed opposing lateral incisor, as well as one or more impacted (stuck) canine teeth.

If you are concerned because you or your child have a congenitally tooth the best approach is to have an orthodontist have a look! Be sure to book your free consultation appointment with Dr Maree at Broadbeach Orthodontics to customise your options to a more confident smile!