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Orthodontic treatment, like getting metal braces, can seem like a significant investment. However, applying a little “Girl Math” can help break down the costs and highlight the long-term benefits of this essential dental care. Let’s explore how you can rationalise and appreciate the value of metal comprehensive braces, which cost $7,495 over two years.

Understanding the Investment

The Total Cost

  • Price Tag: $7,495 for a comprehensive two-year treatment.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Break it Down: $7,495 over 24 months equals approximately $312 per month.
  • Daily Cost: That’s around $10 per day, less than your average lunch out!

Monthly Payments: Making It Manageable

Monthly Breakdown

  • Monthly Payments: $312 per month might seem steep at first glance.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Comparison Shopping: Think of it as subscribing to a premium beauty box or a fitness membership. Many of us spend this much or more on these subscriptions.
  • Prioritising Health and Beauty: This is a dual investment in both health and aesthetics. Wouldn’t you prioritise spending on something that improves your smile and boosts your confidence?

Long-Term Benefits: A Smile for Life

Preventing Future Costs

  • Future Savings: Proper alignment can prevent dental issues, potentially saving you money on future dental work.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Cost-Effective Health Care: Spending $7,495 now can prevent thousands of dollars in dental repairs later. Prevention is always cheaper than correction.
  • Priceless Confidence: The confidence gained from a beautiful smile can lead to better social and professional opportunities. You can’t put a price on that kind of benefit!

Aesthetic and Functional Value

Enhancing Appearance

  • Look Good, Feel Good: Straight teeth and a beautiful smile enhance your overall appearance.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Natural Beauty Investment: A great smile is a natural accessory that boosts your appearance daily, unlike makeup or clothing that needs regular replenishment.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Unlike fashion trends, a beautiful smile is timeless and lasts a lifetime.

Durability and Longevity

Long-Term Use

  • Permanent Benefit: Quality orthodontic results last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Lifetime Value: Compare this to investing in a designer handbag or a timeless piece of jewelry. It’s an enduring asset that continues to pay off.
  • Daily Wear: Unlike a luxury item that you might use occasionally, your smile is something you “wear” every day.

Maximizing Insurance and Discounts

Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Insurance Coverage: Many insurance plans cover a portion of orthodontic treatment costs.
  • Promotional Discounts: Orthodontists often offer discounts for upfront payments or during special promotions.

Girl Math Logic:

  • Savvy Shopping: Taking advantage of insurance benefits and discounts reduces your out-of-pocket costs. Look for deals just as you would for any major purchase.
  • Smart Spending: Leveraging these opportunities makes the investment even more worthwhile.


Applying “Girl Math” to the cost of metal braces reveals the true value of this investment. While $7,495 over two years might seem like a lot initially, breaking it down into manageable monthly or daily amounts, considering the long-term benefits, and comparing it to other common expenses can make it more digestible. Investing in braces is not just about straight teeth; it’s about improving your overall health, enhancing your appearance, and boosting your confidence for a lifetime. So, when you think of it that way, the investment is undeniably worth it!

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