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Welcome to our Practice! We offer modern, digital, personalised specialist orthodontic care.

We offer treatment for all ages!



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We are always compassionate.

we actively listen to our patients and practice kindness, respect and empathy.


Striving for excellence.

only delivering the highest standard of personalised orthodontic care using advanced modern technology. 


Integrity and trust.


Value for your time.

because we know your time is immensely valuable.


Community engagement.

because we care about our community.



We are passionate about creating your bespoke, confident smile. Our concierge-style practice, offer you and your family, modern, personalised, comprehensive, simple, efficient, high quality of affordable orthodontic care.



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An Orthodontist is a Specialist dentist who undertook 3 years of additional training. To Dr Maree, Orthodontics is more than straight teeth! Orthodontics enhances your smile, bite and function. We customise each smile to enhance your facial aesthetics so you can smile confidently!

We look forward to designing your authentic, healthy and beautiful smile giving you the freedom to express yourself.

Book a Consultation with your Orthodontist

How to get started?
Step 1:
Book a Virtual or In-Person Consultation with your Orthodontist:
Your in-person consultation includes:
• Digital Diagnostic Records
• Digital 3D Video Scan
• Personalised orthodontic treatment options discussed with your Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Amesha Maree.
Step 2:
Flexible financial payment options discussed with our team and acceptance of Your Treatment Plan.
Step 3:
Start your treatment journey, ensuring that we a with you every step of the way!

Why Choose Broadbeach Orthodontics?

  • Modern advanced orthodontic care 
  • Experienced, caring and knowledgeable female Orthodontist
  • Friendly team and welcoming atmosphere
  • Customised Affordable Interest Free Payment Plans
  • Commitment to education to deliver you your unique outstanding smile





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